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Clear Polypropylene Packaging

Clarified polypropylene is used in many packaging and houseware applications, including bottles for beverages, personal care products, and cleaning products, drink cups, deli cups, trays, clamshell containers, food jars, food storage containers, storage boxes, and more. As a semi-crystalline plastic, polypropylene is not transparent in its native form, and special additives known as clarifiers are used to produce parts with low haze and high clarity.

The proper selection of a clarifier is dependent on the melt index of the resin being used. High melt index resins are most widely used for injection molding, while lower melt index resins predominate in blow molding and thermoforming applications. Amfine offers a complete line of clarifiers, including products specially designed for low and high melt index resins.

NA-11, NA-21 and NA-71 are highly effective in the low melt index resins, where they provide excellent transparency. They are ideal for use in blow molding and thermoforming applications like bottles, cups, clamshell containers, and jars. Compared to conventional sorbitol-based clarifiers, these products have the advantage of a broader processing window and a greater enhancement of mechanical properties such as flexural modulus and heat deflection temperature (HDT). NA-71 has very broad FDA clearances* and is recommended for use in high temperature heat stabilized (FDA Condition A) applications.

NA-806A is a sorbitol-based clarifier developed for high melt index polypropylene homo- and co-polymers. It is recommended for use in injection molding applications such as food storage containers, storage boxes, caps, and closures, where it provides excellent transparency. NA-806A has good flow properties for convenient handling and dosing, and resins containing it can be processed at lower temperatures as compared to conventional sorbitol-based clarifiers.


PET Packaging

PET is a material of choice in bottles for water, beverages, salad dressings, cooking oils, personal care products, household cleaning products, and pharmaceuticals. It is a material of choice for bottles because it is hygienic, strong, lightweight, shatterproof, has outstanding transparency, and is easily recyclable. Adeka has developed an advanced nucleating agent for PET that further enhances its excellent properties.

NA-05 is a new nucleating agent developed for use in PET for packaging and other applications. It accelerates the crystallization of PET from the melt to enable faster molding cycles and increased productivity. NA-05 also enhances mechanical properties of PET such as tensile strength. It is effective at low use levels and is FDA cleared* for use in PET packaging applications.

PET is transparent to UV-A radiation. UV absorbers block UV radiation to protect the sensitive components (flavorings, colorants, vitamins, scents, etc.) of packaged beverage, foods, and other consumer products. These additives can play an important role in extending the shelf life of packaged goods.

LA-31RG/LA-31G is a broad spectrum UV absorber that effectively reduces the transmission of UV radiation in PET packaging resins. It has lowest volatility of any UV absorber in its class and excellent resistance to migration and plate out. LA-31RG is also FDA cleared* for use in PET packaging applications.

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